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Reasons to play Thirty30 (T30) Tennis

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Saves Time: Time is invaluable today. The new fast format is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle to fit tennis into their schedule.

More Unpredictable: Too often we see baseline slogfests and holding of serve dominating the ATP and WTA professional circuits. Thirty30 Tennis encourages players to add variety to their game to accommodate the shorter playing format. Breaks of serve are more common.

Game Changer: Starting every game at 30-30 ("Thirty-Thirty") ensures every point counts and keeps players on their toes the whole match.


Thirty30 (T30) Tennis is a concept for today’s world when people’s time is busier and they can’t give the amount of time required for the longer traditional format.

It is a format to encourage more people to play, and hopefully entice those who used to play to reconnect to the sport.


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