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John McEnroe - Women to compete against Men. Use Thirty30?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Prior to the start of Wimbledon 2017, John McEnroe appeared on Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Friday 30th June to chat about his new autobiography, But Seriously.

His appearance followed his recent ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ opinion regarding the WTA’s greatest ever player Serena Williams, and the "like 700 in the world" quote.

During his chat with Steve, and to quote McEnroe: “I have a solution for all the women including my daughters,..., let the men and women play together if everyone is so hung up about it, let them go and play the circuit for 2 years”.

The Thirty30 (T30) Tennis format is ideal for this suggestion.

T30 levels the playing field. Best of 5 sets matches could be played. Matches are shorter, 5 sets completed in no more than 90 minutes, and men’s fitness and stamina would not be a factor. Quality of play and skill would be among the main factors in determining the winner of each match.

Using the Thirty30 Tennis format, let’s get Women versus Men on now, and solve once and for all, the forever ongoing discussion of how women would get on playing against men!

This is an ideal opportunity for television broadcasters to provide live tennis that would be both extremely interesting and produce shorter, faster and higher intensity (more big points) matches.

Who would not be interested in seeing Serena Williams compete against Andy Murray in a best of 5 sets Thirty30 match? It would be a fantastic watch!

Contact us now for more information on Thirty30 Tennis.

Thirty30 (T30) Tennis is the equivalent of the extremely successful Twenty20 (T20) Cricket format.

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