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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

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#26 Varadayini (Chitale) Gorhe, Sport & Performance Psychologist, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 12/01/2018 Very interesting concept. Will definitely get back to you with a feedback.

#25 Richard Cutler, Managing Director of Serving Tennis; Chair of Hampshire & IOW LTA, Southampton, UK, 12/01/2018 Thanks for reaching out. I will read with interest!

#24 Neha Uberoi Khangoora, Marketing Manager, New York, 12/01/2018 Cool concept!

#23 Idris V Smith, Tennis Professional, Northwest Athletic Club, Wheaton, Illinois, 12/01/2018 Hi Mark, I'm interested, very interested. I would potentially like to start a league here in the Chicago area. Let's talk.

#22 Arpit Kalra, Sports Analyst & Psychologist, Aravali Sports Academy, South Delhi, Delhi, India, 12/01/2018 Thanks. I will definitely try this. I read all the provided data and I found it very interesting. You are doing a great job.

#21 Manmeet Singh Ajimal, Managing Director, Yellow Balls Tennis Academy, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 12/01/2018 I might hold a tournament in near future and if my company owner approves the idea of Thirty30, will try it out and revert back to you. Thanks for sharing!

#20 Eswar Reddy, Tennis Fitness Coach, Hyderabad Area, India, 12/01/2018 Awesome idea.

#19 Sarthak Sidharth, Former ATP Professional, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 12/01/2018 All the best with your initiative. I will definitely spread the word and have them tried out in academies around Pune, India.

#18 Chou Pinaque, Founder/Director at Cross Court Tennis Sessions, Kamrup, Assam, India, 12/01/2018 I have gone thru your new idea of match format and honestly I have been doing it for the last many years to give the big points playing feel to the players, it’s very nice to see you trying to take it to the next level. Will definitely try it and give you a feedback ASAP. And I can do anything more to make tennis more interesting do let me know.

Hey Mark!! We tried your Thirty30 tennis today, it was fun really, the players enjoyed it totally, the results came early, less time consuming. But during the Golden Game, the Server was having an extra command on the result, if he/she is a good server. The receiver was not having any advantage, except the score which is 30-30.

Total 4 players / Intermediate Level (Local Level Tournament Players), Played League (Round Robin), total 6 matches approximately about 150 minutes including player change and breaks. 1 Court / 1 set ‘match’ / 2 matches were 7-6. [T30: “average time per set = 25 minutes”]

#17 Treta Bhattacharyya, Ballistic Tennis, Melbourne, Australia 11/01/2018 Thanks for sending this link to me. It sounds interesting. I’m currently not coaching in Australia anymore. Therefore I cannot conduct the trial here. However I’m going back to India for a month for a holiday. I will forward this to the coaches in the tennis federation there where I have previously worked in and I will send you the feedback once the trial is completed.

#16 Frank Henze, Business Owner Sunball Tennis, Cologne Area, Germany, 10/01/2018

Thanks a lot for the contact and information. Sounds interesting! In our academy we don't teach performance players, but recreational. With pleasure we will try it out!

#15 Ben Wolfe, Tennis Coach, Colorado, 10/01/2018 Thanks Mark! I really am an advocate for the traditional tennis format as it also rewards the players who are more fit as that is a big element in the game. Best of luck spreading this around though. I'm sure the tv stations would love this.

#14 Stefano D'Elia, High performance/Assistant Tennis Coach, Essendon, Victoria, Australia, 08/01/2018 Wow! Sounds really intriguing and interesting mark! The concept is something I use plenty in my tennis teaching drills and match play! Hope your case to the ITF pulls off!

#13 Oluf Lauridsen, Tennis Director, White Oaks, Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, 08/01/2018

I have used 30-30 as a start to games for the purpose as you indicated but not as a regular format for matches...I like your concept and wish you good luck in trying to get this accepted as an alternative scoring system with the ITF.

#12 Erik Graves,pro tennis player/coach, Morehouse College, Greater Atlanta Area, 08/01/2018 Congratulations Mark on your great idea!

#11 Suzie Sinclair Hamill, Director at SHS Camps LTD, Edinburgh, 08/01/2018

Hi Mark, this is very interesting! I will be running childrens tennis camps this Summer so a new format sounds very interesting, much like 20/20 cricket. It's definitely something I think would be great to incorporate. Closer to the time, once we've established our first camps. Thanks, Suzie.

#10 Mike Lissner, Director of Tennis, Baltimore, Maryland Area, 08/01/2018

We often use shorten scoring formats in our clinics and events. - Sets from 2-all - First to 3 with tiebreaker at 2-all - Fast 4 - 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 sets, where server starts at 5-4 - Each server serves 4 points, play to 11 Thirty30 looks like an interesting, well thought out format. I will look to try it in one of our club events.

#9 Howard Moore, Program Director Saddlebrook International Tennis, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area, 08/01/2018 Interesting concept thanks for the connection. I would consider using this especially with corporate groups ..

#8 John Thomas, Director of Tennis, Harry Taylor Tennis Center, Webster, Texas, 08/01/2018 That sounds great. I will run a couple of events utilizing it and get back to you with feedback from players. Thanks, Coach John Thomas

#7 Guillermo Minutella, Tennis Pro, Tennis Club Sandweiler, Luxembourg, 07/01/2018 Hello Mark, Thank you for your message. I will have a look and give you some feed back as soon as I can.

#6 David Sammel, Head Coach TEAMBATH, 07/01/2018 I will trial it at the Bath Academy but if not used in tournaments it's no good for our performance players other than to train pressure which I do like about it a lot.

#5 Juan Carlos Pino Fernández, Entrenador Nacional de Tenis, Zaragoza Area, Spain, 04/01/2018

Very interesting !

#4 Adrian Rattenbury, President, RPTeurope, Dodworth, South Yorkshire, UK, 04/01/2018 This is an interesting concept, it is a game we have been playing for a long time to work on mental toughness in the key points so playing a tournament in this format could be fun ! How long does a set take to play in this format ? [T30: 20-25 minutes].

#3 Ekow Yusuf Jibril Manly, Senior Performance Coach, London, 03/01/2018 It sounds great and for sure - we will use it at our school, as trial to see how players like it! Many thanks!

#2 Agustina Wibisono, Tennis Coach at Fusion Tennis, Shanghai Racquet Club, China, 03/01/2018 Thank you for adding me and including me to this T30 idea. I think it’s a very good idea, that we could use it for the club tournaments. I will try this scoring system for the upcoming tournaments at the club that I am working at, and I will give you feedback.

#1 Ruaridh MacLeod, Club Coach, Arbroath Lawn Tennis Club, 22/12/2017 I used the format for my older juniors in the squad tonight and they loved it. When I asked what they preferred in terms of normal games or Thirty30, 100% said they preferred the Thirty30 format. Feedback on it was: ‘Faster and can play more games and sets’ ‘More exciting’ ‘Ends up being like the length a normal game a lot of the time but with excitement of game point and deuces’ ‘More fun’ And at end when I asked, they all said they want to play more of that.

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