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Andy Murray - Best of three is easier on the body - Try Thirty30?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Saturday January 20 2018

Andy Murray says he "would give back being number one in the world just to be back playing on the court".

Murray, who has a hip injury and not played a competitive match since last year's Wimbledon.

He was hoping to avoid surgery but, after failing to recover for the Australian Open, had an operation.

And, compared to being number one, the 30-year-old said his "passion is much higher than it was then".

Murray made his comments during a question and answer session on social media. On his recovery, he said it was going "really well ... much better than I expected so far".

When asked about what could be done to reduce the amount of injuries to players, Murray answered: "Less mandatory events."

He was also asked about the possibility of reducing men's matches at Grand Slams to best of three contests instead of best of five.

"If it's what the people want then it's worth a try," he said. "I don't mind either way.

Best of three is easier on the body and would help longevity. Best of five tests mental and physical side more."

Thirty30 Comment

Tennis requires to look after its top players.

Why not try best of five sets Thirty30 matches at some of the lesser mandatory events?

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