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Thirty30 Tennis - Event Report - Arbroath LTC

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Last Thursday night, Arbroath LTC held their first Social / Fun doubles event using the Thirty30 tennis shorter scoring method.

Organised by club coaches Mark Walker ( and Ruaridh MacLeod, and using all 3 courts, 14 players played for 90 minutes (6.45pm to 8.15pm - 4 rounds each of 22.5 minutes) playing doubles using the Thirty30 format – i.e. all games started at 30-30 (announced “Thirty30”) and change of ends only occurring after 2, 6 and 10 games.

Comments from Ruaridh following the event included:

- Everyone appeared to enjoy their night of tennis.

- Most also looked like they enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the format where in the doubles situation, sets lasted between 12 and 20 minutes.

- Because of this, they were able to play a larger number of opponents than they would usually get to, which added a better social element to the event.

- Starting at “Thirty30” forced players to focus immediately and to be sharp from the first ball (otherwise game point down).

Scores were:

Round 1 : 6-4 ; 6-4 ; 6-0.

Round 2 : 6-4 ; 6-3 ; 6-3.

Round 3 : 6-2 ; 7-5 ; 6-5 (played 9 point tie-break).

Round 4 : 6-3 ; 6-3 ; 6-4.

The Club loved the Thirty30 format and now plan to hold monthly Thirty30 events possibly using a six-team round robin format where all six couples (12 players) entered will play against each other, each playing a total of five “Thirty30” sets in the two hour time slot (i.e. five rounds each of 24 minutes).

Since trialling of Thirty30 was launched all over the world at the end of December 2017 it has been receiving very encouraging feedback (now 100+) and this can be found on the page link below:

Thirty30 tennis – FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 tennis – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 tennis – Have You Tried It Yet?

Any questions? Please contact:

Mark J Milne, Arbroath, Scotland

Creator of Thirty30 tennis

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