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Thirty30 Tennis - Rule Change included in UKs Tennis Threads Magazine

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

An article detailing the Thirty30 tennis scoring method appeared in the April 2018 edition of Tennis Threads magazine - To read the article click here.

In April 2018, the "Golden Game" Rule, played at 6 games all, was replaced with the 9 point tie-break - For further information click here.

A follow-up article that details the removal of the "Golden Game" from Rule #3 has appeared in the Tennis Threads May 2018 edition.

Tennis Threads is the newest and now the only printed Tennis magazine in the UK.

Packed with exclusive news and reports from some of the most respected Tennis journalists in the UK.

The article appears on page 93 and is part of the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) UK News and is titled "Thirty30 Rule Change".

The article can also be read here:

Thirty30 Rule Change

Following early trialing feedback, Thirty30 has decided to remove the sudden death “Golden Game” from Rule #3 where it was used to decide a set that reaches 6 games all.

Creator of the new scoring system Mark Milne stated “The “Golden Game” is unfair, too brutal and too radical a change.”

The “Golden Game” is replaced with a “9-point tie-break”, i.e. first to 5 points, with a sudden-death point played at 4 - 4, and is listed in Appendix V of the ITF Rules of Tennis as a “Short Set Tie-Break”.

The “order and number of serves” is:

A B B A / change ends / A B B A A

The “9-point tie-break” provides a fairer and more fitting climax to a hard fought set that has reached 6 games all and also retains the tradition of deciding a “6-6” set with a tie-break.

The May 2018 edition is "Issue 5 Vol 2", and can be purchased online for £5 at:

Since trialling of Thirty30 was launched all over the world at the end of December 2017 it has been receiving very encouraging feedback (now 110+) and this can be found on the page link below:

Thirty30 tennis – FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 tennis – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 tennis – Have You Tried It Yet?

Any questions? Please contact:

Mark J Milne, Arbroath, Scotland

Creator of Thirty30 tennis

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