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Thirty30 Tennis – Tennis Nerds Blog Post

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

At the start of July, Thirty30 contacted Shane Liyanage, Melbourne, Lead Editor at, a “fan driven tennis blog covering the sport we love from all angles”.

Shane takes up the story in his recent LinkedIn post...

“About a month ago Scotland's Mark Milne reached out to me about writing a blog post regarding his Thirty30 Tennis (T30) scoring system for the Tennis Nerds blog, with the hope that the format would be adopted more globally.

Rather fortuitously I happened to be in Scotland shortly after, and I got to meet Mark personally. His passion for tennis is infectious and it's very clear he believes in the format, and that it can be utilised from the recreational player along with the ATP and WTA tours.

I encourage everyone to have a read of the blog post, and give T30 a go next time you are out on court!”

To read the blog post, please click on either of the links below:

Since trialling of Thirty30 was launched all over the world at the end of December 2017 it has been receiving very encouraging feedback (now 130+) and this can be found on the page link below:

Thirty30 tennis – FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 tennis – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 tennis – Have You Tried It Yet?

An Invitation to Trial Thirty30 Tennis

Any questions? Please contact:

Mark J Milne, Arbroath, Scotland

Creator of Thirty30 tennis

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