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Thirty30 Tennis - Interview with Mark Wylam, Owner of

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Mark Milne was recently approached by Mark Wylam, Owner and Managing Director of, to discuss Thirty30.

The resulting interview titled: “THIRTY30 TENNIS TO RULE TENNIS IN 5 YEARS TIME?” can be read here. serve coaches, academies and travel companies for all sports all over the world with the aim of connecting coaches and players with Academies and Resorts globally.

Mark Wylam, Owner,, September 07, 2018

Thanks very much to Mark Milne for this new concept in tennis.

Just from this interview I can see he has put a huge amount of effort into it, and he is quoted as saying that he wants:

‘Thirty30 to be used as an alternative scoring method used to produce shorter matches as and where required.

In the smaller ATP or WTA events – play best of 5 sets in 60-90 minutes would be my dream.’

Well, if it is anything like cricket and Twenty20 who knows?

Best of luck goes to Mark Milne and let’s see whether Thirty30 really is the newest concept in tennis!

Since trialling of Thirty30 was launched all over the world at the end of December 2017 it has been receiving very encouraging feedback (now 150+) and this can be found on the page link below:

Thirty30 tennis – FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 tennis – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 tennis – Have You Tried It Yet?

An Invitation to Trial Thirty30 Tennis

Any questions? Please contact:

Mark J Milne, Arbroath, Scotland

Creator of Thirty30 tennis

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