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Thirty30 Tennis - Is this the ITF’s solution to the problem with the 3rd set super match tie-break?

METRO news reported that a letter including eight points that require 'urgent action' detailing players' concerns at the newly launched ITF World Tennis Tour was sent to the ITF this week.

Of particular interest is point number four:

'Full third set in Qualification stages instead of a match tiebreak'.

The following 'explanation' was added:

"Anyone who knows tennis understands that tiebreaks are very stressful and a bit of a lottery.

It is a 50/50 chance, a mere coin flip, which is not right after battling for 2 sets.

A match should be based on actual skills.

It takes away the mental, physical and tactical side of the game and therefore leaving the tiebreak down to a lottery and lucky momentum.

We did not travel all the way to a tournament to play 2 sets and a tiebreaker, so at least give us the chance to fight for the match in a full third set and test our physical and mental resilience."

To read the full article and letter click here.

Thirty30 Comment

Using the Match Tie-Break to 10 points as a 3rd set match decider is an unsatisfactory method to shorten a match.

To decide a match where the first two hard fought sets have been equally shared, it is simply not fair to decide the winner by using a Match Tie-Break.

It is just too short, is a lottery and the players don't like it.

While still bringing a match to a shorter conclusion, a 'final' (advantage) set (lead by 2 games) using thirty30 provides a much fairer method.

Every game starts at 30-30 and change of ends is after the initial two games followed by every four games - very simple - there are service 'holds' and 'breaks' and the set builds as per normal tennis.

The final deciding set still feels, looks and sounds like traditional tennis, e.g. 6-3 or 7-5 or 8-6, etc.

Instead of seeing match results e.g.:

6-4, 6-7, 1-0 (10-6)

Let's use thirty30 tennis and see match results e.g.:

6-4, 6-7, 8-6 (T30)

Much more satisfying!

Thirty30 Tennis - Have You Tried It Yet?

Why not try Thirty30 tennis and let us know what you think.

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