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T30 Tennis Blog - ITF announce 2020 Tokyo Games tennis matches will be played over shorter format

Updated: May 30, 2019

It was widely reported yesterday that there are to be ‘Olympic tennis changes set for '20 Tokyo Games’.

The men’s singles final is to be cut from ‘best of 5 sets’ to ‘best of 3 sets’ and the 10-point match tie-break (Champions T-B) is to be used as a third set decider in all of the doubles events.

Shortening the match formats will allow players to compete in multiple events more easily.

The ITF's article can be read here.

Thirty30 Comment

A final set (lead by 2 games) of Thirty30 tennis retains the traditions of tennis better than the 10-point match tie-break.

Or, why not use the alternative shorter Thirty30 tennis scoring method and play best of 5 sets matches?

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