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Tennis World USA - Editors Thoughts - Thirty30 Tennis: The new kid on the block

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

An article “Thirty30 Tennis: The new kid on the block” was published recently on the Tennis World USA Editors Thoughts webpage.

The article can be read in full here.

Please note that the article includes:

“Lastly, if a game goes to deuce, a sudden-death point will be played if the game extends beyond four deuces with the receiver opting to choose a side to receive.”

T30 Comment: This is not strictly correct – “four deuces” is an option that may possibly be used if after trialling if it is found that matches last too long.

For now, there is no limit on the number of deuces played during any one game.

Since trialling of Thirty30 was launched all over the world at the end of December 2017 it has been receiving very encouraging feedback (now 210+) and this can be found on the page link below:

Thirty30 tennis – FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 tennis – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 tennis – Have You Tried It Yet?

Any questions? Please contact:

Mark J Milne, Arbroath, Scotland

Creator of Thirty30 tennis

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