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An Endorsement for the Thirty30 shorter format – “Best Discovery for the Year 2020 in Tennis!"

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Thirty30 recently received an endorsement from Gabby Santos Espiritu, Owner of RCTA in California, USA and Gabby Tennis Academy in Bohol, Philippines:

“I started teaching tennis in 2000 in preparation for my retirement. It took me 12 years before my students won the 2012 USTA National Championship. Fast forward to 2019-2020 where I started teaching in Bohol Island in the Philippines.”

“I discovered a new concept in tennis format called Thirty30, that immediately tried it to my students. Voila! It was great concept. Not only made my students play more but they got challenged by it. Best discovery for the year 2020 in tennis! Since then, I incorporated the Thirty30 in all my lessons.”

Gabby’s Testimonial #294 is listed here:

Some photographs are included below.

Thirty30 Tennis: Have you tried It yet?

Every game starts at 30-30

Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Still FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis

Thirty30 Tennis is looking for people to organise shorter Thirty30 Tennis competitions.

For further information please see:

T30 Blog: An Invitation to organise a ‘Thirty30 Tennis Fun Tournament’

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