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German Tennistraining Junior Magazine Article (Thirty30 Tennis 'Big Smash') "Mixed Team Tournament"

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

A two page article (Thirty30 Tennis 'Big Smash') "Mixed Team Tournament" was published in the 28 page German magazine “Tennistraining Junior, the specialist magazine for innovative child and youth training in schools and clubs.” (03 / 2022, ISSN 2195-2353, June 2022)

With "Tennistraining Junior" you have in your hands for the first time a magazine for trainers, sports instructors, youth attendants, school sports assistants, sports assistants, which was specially designed for the target group that deals with the young people at the grassroots level.

These people have a central key position when it comes to the correct planning of game and training hours, implementation of competitions and tournaments, correct organizational forms for large groups in sports halls and on tennis courts, but also age-appropriate coaching behavior.

A child-oriented, playful training is important to us and we hope that the magazine "Tennistraining Junior" will help the people working at the grass roots to convey this to our juniors.

Front Cover Page:

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An English translation of pages 22 & 23 is below.

Reference Pages 22 & 23.

Mixed Team Tournament (Willi Brunert, Mark Milne)

Mixed tournaments are a sporting highlight in almost all tennis clubs and are highly motivated and accepted by both social and tournament players at the start of the season and after the end of the league round.

This tournament format can be varied as desired.

Mixed tournaments can be played, e.g. with handicaps, with changing partners after each game round, with different formats (start a set with the game score at 2:2, no-ad rule), etc. being played.

A very interesting variation is the "Thirty30 Team Tournament Format".

Two teams, each consisting of two players, compete against each other in singles, doubles and mixed.

Teams - Both teams each consist of two female and two male players.

Order of Play - Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Men's Singles and Mixed Doubles. (This can be varied)

Scoring - The Thirty30 Tennis scoring format (see Tennis Training Junior Issue 3/2020) will be applied. All games start at a score of 30-30 and the ‘No Ad’ Rule is not used.

Point Values per Match - A Match consists of a total of five matches each of one set.

One men's and one women's singles, two doubles and one mixed will be played.

If the game score is 6:6, a Short Set Tie-Break of up to five points is played.

Short Set Tie-Break - The team or player to score five points first wins the Short Set Tie-Break. If the score is 4-4, the team or player who scores the next point wins.

Match Scoring -

The respective winners of both the women's and the men's doubles are credited with one point for their Team.

The respective winners of both the women's and the men's singles are credited with two points for their Team.

The winners of the mixed doubles are credited with three points for their Team.

The overall winner of the Match is the Team that wins the most points.

A total of nine points are played for and a draw is not possible.

Thirty30 Tennis is a shorter scoring format where every point counts.

It offers children and young people of all performance levels a varied and at the same time motivating alternative to traditional tennis scoring.

This competitive system makes for shorter and more exciting matches where games are scored much faster.

With this scoring format, a set is over after 20 minutes.

It allows players to play a lot more matches against different players and is also suitable for doubles and mixed tournaments at club level.

All tennis rules remain unchanged and matches are characterized by:

- a higher intensity

- more dynamic

- more competitive

- more exciting

All points are played as in traditional tennis scoring with the following exceptions:

All games start at 30:30

If the score is 6:6 in a set, a Short Set Tie-Break is played where a maximum of nine points is played - the first player or doubles team to score five points wins the Set.

If it is 4:4 in the Tie-Break, a deciding point will be played.

Versatile tournament formats

All common tournament formats can be used for the Thirty30 scoring format.

Experience has shown that the knock-out / single elimination formats should not be used, especially with children and young people within the individual Play + Stay levels.

Round robin group or rotation formats in events are ideal for this.

The big advantage is that the events are more manageable in terms of time.

The “Thirty30 Team Tournament Format” is exciting until the last rally.

Thirty30 (T30) 'Big Smash' Mixed Team Tennis is a UNIQUE combination of the Thirty30 tennis scoring format, World Team Tennis' (WTT) match format and Laver Cup's progressive match scoring format.

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