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Introducing Thirty30 'Big Smash' Mixed Team Tennis - A new & unique combination of WTT and Laver Cup

Thirty30 'Big Smash' Mixed Team Tennis, the equivalent of cricket's Twenty20 'Big Bash', is a new and unique combination of the World Team Tennis (WTT) match format and Laver Cup's progressive match scoring method.

A Quick Guide

An alternative to the Hopman Cup.

Teams consist of 2 Women and 2 Men (or 2 Girls and 2 Boys).

A Match consists of five Sets played using the shorter faster-paced Thirty30 scoring method where every 'Short Game' starts at 30-30.

There are a total of 9 Points to be played for.


Set #1: Women's Doubles - One Tie-Break Set [1 Point]

Set #2: Men's Doubles - One Tie-Break Set [1 Point]

Set #3: Women's Singles - One Tie-Break Set [2 Points]

Set #4: Men's Singles - One Tie-Break Set [2 Points]

Set #5: Mixed Doubles - One Advantage Set [3 Points]

The progressive match scoring method ensures that the overall Match Result is not decided until Set #4 is completed, with over a 60% chance of the final Set #5 being the Match deciding Set.

A drawn Match is not possible; Match Results are either 5-4 or 6-3 or 7-2 or 8-1 or 9-0.

The 5-Set Match is completed in only 2.5 hours maximum using one court and in 1.5 hours using two courts.

A 'fantasy' Match Scorecard illustrating the format is below:

The full set of Rules & Regulations are below:

Andy Murray recently tweeted the following:

Very interesting!

Will there be a Mixed Team Tennis Event at the Paris Olympics in 2024 and beyond?

Why not use the "Thirty30 'Big Smash' Mixed Team Tennis" format?

Shorter faster-paced and less physically demanding matches would be ideal for playing in hot conditions and be great for both the players and fans (and television!).

Please try Thirty30 'Big Smash' Mixed Team Tennis and let us know what you think of it.



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