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  • Writer's pictureThirty30 Tennis Interview with Mark Milne the Creator of Thirty30 (T30) Tennis - April 2021 recently interviewed Mark Milne, Creator of Thirty30 Tennis. is a part of the TENNIS CHANNEL PODCAST NETWORK.

The team of Andy Zodin, Matts Wilander and Jonny Levine ‘brings entertaining and informative segments on the glory days of tennis, as well as current day, hot topics.

In the recent episode (21 April 2021) Patrick Rafter is interviewed and Thirty30 tennis creator Mark Milne is also interviewed about his shorter faster-paced scoring method that is an alternative to Tennis Australia’s Fast4 (sets to 4 games with no Ads played).

The full podcast (53 minutes) can be listened to here (April 2021) and the Thirty30 tennis excerpt (7 minutes) can be listened to below.

Thirty30 tennis is the alternative shorter faster-paced scoring method that respects the traditions of sets to 6 games with a tie-break at 6-all, the deuce / Ad points are still played out in full and the "winning of 2 points in a row to win a game" is retained.

There are almost 300 Testimonials of endorsement for Thirty30 tennis from all over the World!

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