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Peter O’Donoghue (Cardiff University) - Paper – “Comparing Thirty30 Tennis with Traditional Tennis"

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

A Technical Paper “Comparing Thirty30 Tennis with Traditional Tennis” written by Peter O’Donoghue (Cardiff Metropolitan University) along with Mark Milne (Creator of Thirty30 Tennis) was accepted for and published in the International Journal of Racket Sport Science in December 2020.

Peter has written numerous Papers including one with Emma Simmonds "comparing Fast4 and traditional tennis".

IJRSS Editorial

Racket Sports have been widely studied in science for the last years. The purpose of this Journal is to aggregate the most important advances and researches to affect the development and directions of racket sports science from now on.

Comparing Thirty30 Tennis with Traditional Tennis

Figure 1. Pathways to winning or losing a traditional tennis game

Figure 2. Pathways to winning or losing a Thirty30 tennis game

The Paper can be read below.

Thirty30 Tennis is an alternative to Fast4

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