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Sonia Chiorean (Tennis Oxfordshire) - Thirty30 Tennis Youth Ambassador

Thirty30 tennis are delighted to announce that Sonia Chiorean (Tennis Oxfordshire, England) has become a Youth Ambassador for T30 tennis.

Sonia regularly takes part in International competitions and has started competing in U12 Tennis Europe.

Thirty30 Tennis Testimonial #285

Sonia Chiorean, U12 Tennis Europe Competitor, Banbury West End Tennis Club, Oxfordshire, England, September 2020

"Thirty30 provides a good transition from green to yellow.

One of the club coaches uses Thirty30 tennis for 'Matchplay round-robin competitions' once a month.

This gives players the opportunity to play more matches that include the deuce / advantage points, sets to 6 games and a full final set.

Thirty30 also gives players good mental training for pressure points and it helped me learn to appreciate every point and prepare better for deciding points."

Further information about Sonia can be found here:


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