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Summary of Thirty30 Tennis News Articles - 2019 (2018 & 2017)

(1 - 34) Summary of Thirty30 Tennis News Articles - 2017

(35 - 81) Summary of Thirty30 Tennis News Articles - 2018

DECEMBER 2019 (5)

(136) Summary of Thirty30 Tennis News Articles - 2019 (2018 & 2017)

(135) Thirty30 Blog - Tennis365 - Judy Murray calls for changes to tournament structure in junior tennis

(134) Thirty30 Tennis Blog: Tennis Club Business Article - Tradition May Have to Take Back Seat

(133) Thirty30 Tennis Blog: Great Facebook post by Kris Soutar of The Service Box on 'Competition'

(132) Article by Peter Rowe - ‘Every point counts’ in Thirty30 tennis

NOVEMBER 2019 (9)

(131) Madrid's Davis Cup Scheduling Problems - Is the solution Thirty30 (T30) Tennis World Cups?

(130) Besttennisguide Article - Thirty30 Tennis: A New Alternative Shorter Scoring Format to Fast4

(129) Thirty30 Tennis Blog: A facebook post by Viktor Axelsen that every tennis parent should try to read

(128) Sportskeeda Article: Is Thirty30 tennis the equivalent of cricket’s shorter Twenty20 Format?

(127) T30 Blog: UK Tennis Magazine: 21st Century Tennis - What Next Gen rules are In, and which are Out?

(126) Tennis Industry Association UK Blog Page: Thirty30 Tennis - Where Every Point Really Counts

(125) T30 tennis Blog ATP President Chris Kermode on Innovation and Where Is The Next Generation of Fans?

(124) Thirty30 Blog: George Bellshaw Article - Is it time for tennis to truly embrace shorter formats?

(123) Thirty30 Tennis Article in Tennis Club Business November 2019 e-newsletter

OCTOBER 2019 (5)

(122) Thirty30 Tennis Blog - Next Generation ATP Finals trial Innovations including shorter format Fast4

(121) T30 Blog - Thirty30 tennis sponsor WTCA Conference in New York 2019 - Billie-Jean King & Sarah Stone

(120) T30 Blog – Article: Thirty30 Tennis – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts

(119) T30 Blog - Reply to 'An Invitation to Trial Thirty30 Tennis' - An Alternative Shorter Scoring Format

(118) Thirty30 Tennis Blog - Tennis Clubs, Youngsters, Coaching, Playing for fun and Competition

SEPTEMBER 2019 (2)

(117) Thirty30 Tennis Blog - 2019 Wimbledon, Laver Cup, Murray Trophy - What Did They All Have in Common?

(116) Thirty30 Tennis Blog - LinkedIn Article - 7 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Tennis

AUGUST 2019 (1)

(115) Thirty30 Tennis Blog - Article - And if all the games started ... from 30-30?

JULY 2019 (3)

(114) Thirty30 Tennis Blog – The First Serve – Interview with SEN Tennis Commentator Brett Phillips

(113) 2019 ITF Rules of Tennis - 14 Different Options for a Single Set of Tennis

(112) Thirty30 Tennis - Shorter Faster Speed Tennis - Have You Tried It Yet?

JUNE 2019 (2)

(111) T30 Blog: Thirty30 Tennis - An Alternative of Shorter Format Of Tennis

(110) T30 Blog - Metro News: Novak Djokovic not concerned about future of tennis beyond Big Three

MAY 2019 (2)

(109) Tennis World USA - Editors Thoughts - Thirty30 Tennis: The new kid on the block

(108) Insider Sport - Mark Milne Accelerating the Evolution of Tennis with the Thirty30 Format

APRIL 2019 (11)

(107) Troll Tennis Article: Thirty30 Tennis - Shorter More Dynamic Tennis - Have You Tried It Yet?

(106) Tennis Ollywood Article: Thirty30 Tennis - An Alternative Scoring System

(105) Thirty30 Tennis - ITF Solution ... to 3rd Set Tiebreak - Article in UK Tennis Magazine

(104) T30 Blog - Metro News - Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou wants more controversy in tennis

(103) Tennis League San Diego Endorse Thirty30 Tennis as their "go-to" Match Shortening Format

(102) Thirty30 Tennis Blog - Tennis World - Alexander Zverev: I am not a fan of some new rules

(101) T30 Blog - Sports Gazette - Colouring Outside The Tramlines: Do We Need Shorter Tennis Formats?

(100) TIA UK Blog - Thirty30 Tennis delivers "Shorter More Dynamic Tennis"

(99) Tennis365 - Has tennis found its version of cricket’s Twenty20 format with Thirty30 tennis?

(98) T30 Tennis Blog - ITF announce 2020 Tokyo Games tennis matches will be played over shorter format

(97) Thirty30 Tennis - Letters to the Editor - ITF Turmoil - Tennis Club Business April 2019 e-newsletter

MARCH 2019 (4)

(96) T30 Blog: Article by Sport Industry Group: 'Short Format Sport. The Future of Sports Sponsorship'

(95) T30 Blog: Chris Lewit - Thoughts on Making the Sport of Tennis Even Better for the 21st Century!

(94) WTCA Tennis Talk - Thirty30 - Revolutionizing Tennis

(93) Thirty30 Tennis - Is this the ITF’s solution to the problem with the 3rd set super match tie-break?

FEBRUARY 2019 (7)

(92) Thirty30 Tennis Interview with Kool AM Sport’s Radio Presenter Peter Moore

(91) METRO News - Letter to the ITF World Tennis Tour - Use Match Tie-Breaks or Thirty30 Tennis

(90) Tennishead Article – Shorter Formats – FAST4 or Thirty30 Tennis

(89) The Tennis Abstract Blog - NextGen FAST4 and Thirty30 Tennis Discussed

(88) Thirty30 Tennis is chosen by WeTennis (App) for their Launch Events

(87) Thirty30 Tennis received very positively in Hjørring Denmark

(86) Love Tennis Blog - Thirty30 Tennis A new scoring system for Tennis?

JANUARY 2019 (4)

(85) ITF Announces Plan to Revolutionise Seniors Tennis - Use Shorter Formats - Try Thirty30 Tennis?

(84) Thirty30 Tennis - Flyers Now Available

(83) Thirty30 Tennis - An Alternative to FAST4

(82) Thirty30 Tennis is an alternative to FAST4 - Andy Murray Retirement - Nick Kyrgios

Thirty30 Tennis

Thirty30 is the alternative shorter scoring format that unlike Fast4, does not upset the fundamental scoring system of tennis - sets are still played to 6 games (lead by 2) with a tiebreak at 6-6, the Ad points are still played out and players still need to win at least "2 points in a row" to win a game.

The Rules of Thirty30 are:

1. All games start from 30-30; announced “thirty-thirty”.

2. If a set reaches 6-6, a nine-point tiebreaker (first to five points) is played, with sudden death at 4-4. i.e. as per the “Short Set” tiebreak in Appendix V of the ITF Rules of Tennis.

3. No tiebreak in final set.

4. Change of ends after the first two games and then every four after that.

5. Alternate servers for the start of each set.

The game score ticks over more quickly, is more dynamic and a set takes no longer than a ‘bite-size’ 20 minutes to complete with a maximum number of three change of ends (or four if a tiebreak is required).

Change of ends after the first two games then every four after that results in less change of ends per set by a factor of two ensuring more efficient playing time.

Match results still look like: 6-4, 5-7, 7-6 (3), 2-6, 9-7 - i.e. identical to traditional tennis.

The transition from traditional tennis scoring to Thirty30 is seamless.

Thirty30 Tennis - FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 Tennis - Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 Tennis - Have You Tried It Yet?

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