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T30 Blog - At The Net Podcast - Mark Milne of Thirty30 Tennis - An Innovative Shorter Scoring System

At The Net Podcast is a weekly comedy/entertainment talk show hosted by two middle-aged tennis professionals in Dallas, Texas, Craig Bell and AJ Chabria.

“Hey ATN Netheads, here’s S1 E59. AJC and I really enjoyed a “pure magic” evening with Mark Milne of Thirty30 - an innovative scoring system Mark is promoting to the world of the Great Game.”

Set 1 Get to know you and your endeavours, history in business, life, tennis, and anything you would like to explore or plug.

Set 2 Your opinions on the tennis world. We talk, marketing, business concepts, etc.

Set 3 This third set is just fun “pop culture” repartee -- dinner guests from any era, etc.

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