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T30 Blog: Ultimate Sports Network (USN) host Frank Gordon discusses Thirty30 tennis with Mark Milne

Mark Milne joins Ultimate Sports Network (USN) host Frank Gordon to discuss Thirty30 tennis.

Watch Frank and Mark “discuss a new way of scoring and accelerated game play for the sport of tennis.

Thirty30 Tennis is a shortened format of tennis where EVERY point REALLY counts and can be described as the tennis equivalent of the Twenty20 format of cricket.​

Thirty30 Tennis provides recreational and professional tennis players with an alternative shorter format to 'sets to 4 games with No Ads' (Fast4).​

Thirty30 Tennis produces shorter, faster moving more dynamic matches that still FEEL, LOOK and SOUND like traditional matches.​

Thirty30 Tennis takes away the "dead time" during matches and makes more points matter quicker.​

A set is completed in around 20 minutes on average.

This allows players to play many different opponents and is a perfect set up for mixers or socials.

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