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T30 Tennis Blog - Sydenham Tennis Club's 2020 Annual Tournament uses the quick-fire Thirty30 format

To replace their Annual Club Tournaments and Finals Day this year (because of Covid restrictions), Sydenham Tennis Club in South East London, held Singles and Doubles competitions using the new quick-fire Thirty30 scoring format.

The photo above shows the two finalists in the Men's singles competition - Michel Gonzalez and Matt Whitaker.

The Men's Singles was held with 16 players over 5 hours - round robin of four groups of four, Semi-finals, Final - all single set matches – a total of 27 matches!

The Women's Singles had 8 players playing over 4 hours - round robin of two groups of four - Final - all single set matches – a total of 13 matches!

Each player played a minimum of 3 matches in the round robin format.

Congratulations to all of the winners:

Michel Gonzalez (Men’s Singles), Vikki Courtney (Women’s Singles), Adam Faries & Thomas Nette (Men’s Doubles) and Katharine Beaudry & Bella Ellis (Women's Doubles).

Dez Lewington, Sydenham Tennis Club Manager, reported:

The Women's event went very much to ranking, but the Men's threw up several shocks and tight groups - Michel, who won, would have been fourth ranked in normal play.

Players enjoyed the format, which is why we are staging another Thirty30 tournament at Easter next year, which will be a regular feature of the calendar.

Thirty30 Tennis Comment

Many thanks to everyone involved with the Thirty30 competitions held at Sydenham Tennis Club in September.

We will look forward to the Easter 2021 tournament!

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