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Tennis Brain Work (Dan Rodenby) – Interview with: Mark Milne (Thirty30 Tennis) - April 2020

Updated: May 1, 2020

Tennis Brain Work (Dan Rodenby) - An interview with Mark Milne, the creator of Thirty30Tennis.

Thoroughly enjoyed chatting and fully learning the format.

We have seen how T20 and T10 have transformed cricket over the years, why can't it work in tennis too?

I know Mark has worked exceptionally hard on Thirty30Tennis, check out the interview and give Mark some feedback!

The full interview can be read here.

The six interview questions are listed below.

1.) To any of our readers that haven't heard about Thirty30, give them an explanation of the rules and scoring etc. 2.) What inspired you to start Thirty30? 3.) What benefits would it bring to the sport of tennis? 4.) Cricket has transformed to new level over the past years, due to the T20 and T10 formats becoming more entertaining and enjoyable for people to you think Thirty30 could have the same impact on tennis? 5.) What are the next steps for Thirty30, do you want to trial it as a junior or ITF tournament for example? 6.) How can we support Thirty30 and help you grow the format?



Latest comments:

Great post. It was a really good interview and I agree with Mark on Thirty30 and your comments re cricket. The game needs to change at all levels. We should be able to have Thirty30 tournaments without asking the ITF or anyone else for that matter. Thirty30 would be great for lower levels, and it’s a great tool for kids training. Also Padel which is very exciting is going to overtake Tennis if we don’t change.

Michael Reynolds, Tennis Professional / Owner at The Modern Warrior Tennis Project, Johannesburg Area, South Africa

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