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Thirty30 International Sports Group introduces Thirty30 "Big Smash" Mixed Gender Team Tennis

Updated: Feb 8

Games and sports need to evolve in order to keep up with the ever changing behaviour of fans and supporters who follow the games.

Thirty30 International Sports Group introduces Thirty30 "Big Smash" Mixed Gender Team Tennis:

Thirty30 (T30) "Big Smash" Mixed Gender Team Tennis is a unique combination of the shorter and faster-paced scoring method "Thirty30", World Team Tennis' match format and Laver Cup's progressive match scoring format that keeps the overall contest alive for as long as possible.

Thirty30 'Big Smash' Mixed Gender Team Tennis Format Explained

A T30 'Big Smash' Tie sees two Teams go up against each other – with four players (2 female and 2 male) representing each Team in a mixture of singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches.

In just a few hours in one day, 5 matches are played – two doubles matches, two singles matches and one mixed doubles match with points gained for every win.

In matches #1 and #2, a win is worth just one point, but this increases as the Tie progresses – with two points on offer for each win for matches #3 and #4 and three up for grabs for the final match #5.

There are 9 points up for grabs in total – meaning that as one team reaches the 5-point threshold they are crowned winners. This cannot occur before at least 4 of the matches are completed.

The matches themselves are all either one set, best-of-3 sets or best-of-5 sets and the shorter faster-paced Thirty30 tennis scoring format is used where every game starts at 30-30 ("thirty-thirty"). Tie-Break Sets are played with the final set being an Advantage Set (lead by 2).

Each player plays 2 matches.

For further information please see below.

There are two different match formats.

Option 1 - Doubles & Singles

Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Men's Singles & Mixed Doubles.

Option 2 - Doubles only

Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles #1, Mixed Doubles #2 & Mixed Doubles #3.

Option 1 - Doubles & Singles - Blank Scoresheet

Option 1 - Doubles & Singles - Rules & Regulations

Option 2 - Doubles only - Blank Scoresheet

Option 2 - Doubles only - Rules & Regulations

Rules of Thirty30 Tennis

Rules of Thirty30+

The "BLANK SCORESHEET" for both options can be downloaded as a pdf file here

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