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Thirty30 (T30) Tennis – Ambassadors Required & "Thirty30 'Big Smash' (Mixed Gender) Team Tennis"

Thirty30 Tennis – Ambassadors Required

Thirty30 (or T30) Tennis is the new shorter faster-paced scoring method that has been created to help encourage the next generation of tennis players and fans and investors.

Rules of Thirty30 tennis are very simple. Everything is identical to traditional tennis except:

1. All ‘Short’ games start from 30-30, announced “thirty-thirty” – the clue is in the name!

2. If a set reaches 6-6, a nine-point tie-break (first to five points) is played, with ‘sudden-death’ at 4-4.

3. No tie-break in final set.

4. During each set, change of ends after the first two games and then every four after that.

5. Alternate servers for the start of each set.

6. Thirty30 matches are either one ‘tie-break set’ (20 minutes) or ‘best-of-three’ sets (40-60 minutes) or ‘best-of-five’ sets (60-90 minutes).

Why? Thirty30 tennis is an ALTERNATIVE scoring method to:

- Fast4, i.e. sets to 4 games, tie-break at 3 games-all and no ads (‘sudden-death’ deuce).

- 10-point match tie-break (or Super tie-breaker or Champions tie-break). One ‘Tie-Break Set’ or one ‘Advantage Set’ (lead by two games) of Thirty30 tennis provides an alternative to the use of the ‘Match Tie-Break (10 points)’.

Unique Selling Point (USP) of Thirty30 tennis are:

- Thirty30 matches are shorter and faster-paced! The matches are more dynamic!

- Every Point Really Counts! - Every second point played is a game point!

- Thirty30 matches still feel, look and sound like traditional tennis!

The first Goal is to build a case to re-apply to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to get Thirty30 accepted for official trialling at a few events as per their ‘Foreword’.

The second Goal is to have Thirty30 tennis sanctioned by the ITF as an alternative shorter scoring method for using at ITF, WTA and ATP Events.

Thirty30 tennis are looking for Ambassadors all over the world to promote the concept and main responsibilities shall include:

- Actively promoting the Rules, Why?, Unique Selling Points and Goals of Thirty30 tennis.

- Trying Thirty30 tennis, encouraging people to try Thirty30, organising Thirty30 Events & Tournaments for adults and/or juniors, arranging Thirty30 Exhibition matches, etc.

- Promote “Thirty30 ‘Big Smash’ (Mixed Gender) Team Tennis”. (See below for more details)

- Reporting to Mark the use of Thirty30 with any associated feedback or testimonials.

If you like the concept of Thirty30 tennis and are interested in becoming an Ambassador please contact Mark Milne at:

The information above can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Thirty30 Ambassadors

Carlos López Toledo (Cuban Tennis Federation, Havana, Cuba)

Jesse Gotlib (USPTA, Director of Tennis at Gotlib Tennis, Massachusetts, USA)

Rachel Cohen (Tennis Professional, Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA)

Thirty30 'Big Smash' (Mixed Gender) Team Tennis

Rules & Regulations

The information above can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

"Fantasy" Thirty30 'Big Smash' Team Tennis Match

Scotland v England: "Wade-Murray" Challenge Cup

Scoresheet (2021)

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