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Thirty30 (T30) Tennis Blog – ‘Fiend At Court’ Diary – Rules of Tennis and the shorter Fast4 format

Fiend At Court’ is a very well written, well researched and very informative “daily public tennis diary exploring the rules and tribulations of tennis.” including many many very interesting links.

The diary contains the following one-page “Rules” articles that are well worth a read and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate links below.

1. Love Means Nothing in Tennis, But Why?

2. Down, Set, 15-30, 15-30 Hut Hut

3. What can be Deduced about Deuce?

4. Standard Score in a Game

5. Kicking VASSS

6. The John Isner of It All

7. Heading into a Breaker

8. Early Evolution of the Tie-Breaker

9. Finally, the Tie-Break Game

10. A Fiendish Solution to a Devilish Problem

11. Closing out the Tie-Breaker?

12. Tennis Hand Jive

13. You got trouble my friends, you got trouble right here in Appendix V…

14. No Love for No-Ad

15. Additional No-Ad Rules

16. Suddenly Sets

17. Getting a Little Short with Short Set Formats

18. This Ain’t My First Fast 4 Rodeo

19. Whodunnit: Fast4

20. Cricket: The Ticket to Fast4?

21. The Insidious Rise of Fast4

22. Fast4 at the NTRP “National Championships”

23. The NTRP “National Championship” Trophy on my Mantle

24. An Ode to the NTRP National Championships

25. Not so Fast, Fast4

26. Tie-Break: Short Set vs Fast4

27. One More Tantalizing Short Set Quirk

28. Desperately Seeking Fast4

29. Match Making

30. We Shall Discuss the Match Tie-Break Today

31. Rule Changes in the News, 1994 Edition

Thirty30 Tennis:

Thirty30 Tennis is a faster-paced alternative shorter scoring method to Fast4.

Thirty30 Tennis - FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional tennis!

Thirty30 Tennis - Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 Tennis - Have You Tried It Yet?

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