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Thirty30 Tennis Blog - ATP Finals London 2020 - Tim Henman: "Start Games at Deuce" or 30-all (30-30)

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

During the ATP Finals held in London last week (November 2020), there was interesting 30 seconds long discussion between Tim Henman and Amazon Prime commentator Nick Lester.

Commentating on the Group Stage match between Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev, at just 2 games all in the first set after almost 30 minutes play - yes 30 minutes! and during yet another long extended game with multiple deuces, the conversation went:

Tim: "They could always start these games at deuce."

Nick: "Maybe we will put that to the Tournament Director of the (ATP) NextGen Finals, if tennis continues to go this way Tim."

Tim: "Start at deuce."

Nick: "They like the odd fresh idea in that Event, so you never know."

Tim: "Two points in a row to win the game."

The 30 second discussion can be watched here:

Thirty30 Tennis Comment

Very interesting! – Tim Henman: “Start (every game) at deuce; win two points in a row to win the game".

This is exactly what Thirty30 does by starting every game at 30-all.

Starting every game at 30-all produces EXACTLY THE SAME RESULT as "starting every game at deuce" and also requires to "win (at least) two points in a row to win the game".

Starting games at deuce is very monotonous with only 3 different game scores possible: "deuce", "advantage" and "game".

Starting games at 30-30 (“thirty-thirty”) creates more variation with the addition of the “30-30” and “40-30” and “30-40” game scores.

What would the "starting at deuce" scoring format be known as?

Starting games at 30-30 is known as "Thirty30" - the clue is in the name and “It does exactly what it says on the tin!”

"Thirty30" (or “T30”) is marketable and recognisable on the back of Cricket's extremely successful shorter faster-paced “Twenty20” (or “T20”) scoring format.






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