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Thirty30 Tennis Blog – Patrick Mouratoglou is Working to Reboot Tennis with UTS - Bloomberg Podcast

Patrick Mouratoglou is one of the most influential voices in tennis.

He goes in-depth about his new, super-charged circuit (the Ultimate Tennis Showdown - UTS), in this podcast on

Mouratoglou is planning an Ultimate Tennis Showdown League to be played for annually, consisting of ten “exciting” players, with ten events in ten cities and running alongside the ATP Tour.

Played on one court and using his innovative shorter faster-paced matches of four timed 8-minute quarters, with no first serves, less time between points, playing of ‘joker’ cards, coaching, etc., Mouratoglou’s hope is to attract a younger generation of fans.

The UTS League will travel around the world in a similar fashion to the Formula 1 racing car ‘circus’, even suggesting that a tennis court can be setup at the Pyramids in Cairo.

The full podcast can be listened to here and the very interesting 14 minutes UTS excerpt can be listened to below.

Further information about Ultimate Tennis Showdown’s Rules, etc. can be read here:

Thirty30 (T30) tennis is the innovative alternative shorter and faster paced scoring format to Tennis Australia’s Fast4, Tie Break Tens and Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) that still maintains the DNA of traditional tennis.

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