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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Thirty30 tennis recently came across this interesting post online by a passionate tennis player.

“I think that we have things the wrong way around in the UK and maybe other countries!

I got interested in playing tennis and competing with my brother and then introduced my friends.

We played in back lanes, parks, school yards etc. ; didn't know that clubs existed!

Then I joined a local club and just played for fun and the competition.

Later I played for junior teams then senior teams.

I was interested in lots of other sports and never really committed to tennis only, mainly because my father was a businessman and thought tennis as a career or investment was a waste of time and money.

So, I under achieved as a player because of lack of support but maybe it was always to be.

However I have always been passionate about tennis.

These day’s kids start with coaching and most never really find that love of tennis for just playing and competing.

It's the wrong way around for starting your sporting life!!!

I think that it is important to play and learn how to enjoy the game as a competitive sport.

It isn't anymore!!!

What do you think?”

Resulting comment reply by a tennis coach:

“I have this debate regularly as a coach.

Kids these days need to be looked after more and parents are willing to pay for coaching sessions once or twice a week.

But in all honesty even if you are delivering the best group lessons in the world it is never enough.

The kids need to play socially and competitively outside of lessons.

The clubs need to fill in the gaps by offering all year round matches and offer more social events for kids.

Then it will become a habit to go down to the courts and play.”

Thirty30 Tennis Comment

Youngsters especially like the shorter faster moving and more exciting Thirty30 tennis format.

Thirty30 tennis = shorter matches = more matches = more opponents = more fun!

Thirty30 Tennis – Have You Tried It Yet?

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