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Thirty30 Tennis Blog: Testimonial #281 from Kyle Hartshorn, Tokyo, Japan – “The kids love it!”

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

A recent (11 August 2020) Testimonial for Thirty30 tennis...

We started using Thirty30 a couple of weeks ago at our Summer Camp here in Tokyo and the kids love it!

Fun, fast paced and the traditional based scoring system makes it more exciting too.

Everytime we train now it's Thirty30 time!

The kids picked it up super fast and always started each game with a loud Thirty30!

They could easily keep track of the score and were super pumped to win the game and change sides.

Thirty 30 will be my go to game for every class I coach.

Thank you and Arigatou from Tokyo Japan!

Kyle Hartshorn, Junior Specialist, Krissman International Tennis Schools, Tokyo, Japan

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