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Thirty30 Tennis – Testimonial received from Sam P. Jalloh (Sierra Leone) of How Tennis Saved My Life

Thirty30 tennis are delighted to receive an amazing Testimonial from Sam P. Jalloh for the shorter faster-paced scoring format.

In December 2020 the BBC World Service announced the winners of the BBC Inspirations Awards 2020, which celebrate inspirational people and unsung heroes from across the globe.

The international tennis player/coach, Sam P Jalloh was selected as a recipient of one of these prestigious awards. Sam now lives in Southport, Merseyside, England.

Sam is originally from Sierra Leone and learned to play tennis barefoot and against the backdrop of the Civil War within his country of birth.

He subsequently became a professional tennis player and eventually become a leading international tennis coach.

He has also recently published a book, which is an inspirational account of growing up in Ghana and Sierra Leone, and how the sport, tennis, saved his life.

Some of his book:- "How Tennis Saved My Life - Play Tennis Not War" is also about to be released as an animation by the BBC World Service, and he is due to film a documentary about his life.

Not only that, but a film is being scripted about his life.

Dave Hillier

An inspirational account of one man’s struggles and triumphs.

A humbling insight into a war and conflict that so many of us know so little about and how tough life has been for the people of Sierra Leone.

Highly recommended.

Sam’s Testimonial for Thirty30 Tennis

"I've watched the whole Thirty30 tennis promo and guide videos.

I would love this sort of format to be used in lots of local tournaments and even up to the pro level.

It will help speed up matches and shorten tournaments."

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