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Thirty30 Tennis - Where EVERY game starts from 30-30 (“thirty-thirty”) Q.Why not start from 15-15 ?

Question to Thirty30: Why not start every game from 15-15 instead of from 30-30?

This is a good question!

Listed below are five reasons why starting every game from 30-30 is better than starting every game from 15-15.

(1) When starting every game from 30-30, every second point played is a game point and “EVERY Point REALLY Counts” in Thirty30 – all the points played are ‘big points’ and actually mean something.

This spices up tennis matches and makes tennis very exciting, especially for youngsters.

(2) When starting every game from 30-30, sets and matches are much faster-paced – the game score ticks over much more quickly – it is a ‘step change’ from the pace of traditional tennis scoring.

Thirty30 is an ALTERNATIVE scoring method that creates significantly shorter and faster-paced matches.

(3) Starting games from 30-30 is nothing new - this method has been used over many years on the practice court during training to give players more experience of playing the 'big' points.

This method is also widely used for ‘fun’ practice sessions.

All that has been done is that the 30-30 game starts have been taken, tidied up (i.e. less ‘change of ends’ by a factor of two, use the 9-point tie-break at 6 games all), formalised as a competitive match format and branded "Thirty30" tennis.

All very simple!

(4) Starting games from 30-30 ("thirty-thirty") is known as "Thirty30" - the clue is in the name and “It does exactly what it says on the tin!”

It is very important to have a name for a new format that actually means something.

What would the "starting games from 15-15" scoring format be known as?

(5) "Thirty30" (or “T30”) is very marketable and recognisable on the back of Cricket's extremely successful shorter faster-paced more exciting “Twenty20” (or “T20”) scoring format that has revolutionised the sport of cricket over the last 10+ years.

Thirty30 (or T30) can be described as the younger sibling of Twenty20 (or T20).


Starting games from 15-15 cannot match up to any of the five points listed above.

The beauty of Thirty30 is that



and crucially still


like traditional tennis!

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